More Choices & Better Savings with DISH

Both Dish and DirecTV offer their TV service via satellite and both provide multiple packages and high tech technology. So which company should you choose for your TV service?

Dish & Directv Packages

Dish and DirecTV offer multiple packages to suite different viewers needs. DISH is committed to offering packages for an everyday low cost. Chooses DISH

#1 Pick: DISH
Why did we pick DISH? Well, after spending countless hours examining each satellite provider, DISH offered the best balance of channels, tech, features and cost. Article

Battle of the HD-DVRs

Who has the better technology? DISH has the new Hopper 3 while DirecTV offers the Genie. The Hopper 3 has 16 tuners. With DISH’s new Hopper 3 you will never run into recording conflicts!. The Hopper also has Sling & Netflix built in. DISH simply has better technology all while saving you money month after month.

Choose DISH as your Satellite TV Provider

There has never been a better time to make the switch! A&M Satellite ( is your DISH Retailer and can give you a great deal. Call A&M Satellite at (888)-509-3757 to order today.